There is a rushing sound in the treetops

As the evening breeze flutters the leaves

Golden in the setting sun

Carrying bird songs from here and there

With the passing of day settling down

It’s warm this evening too

And fresh with the greens of spring

And I like the coming quiet

As the blue of the sky begins to deepen

With the dusk

One of the dogwoods still has blossoms

While the rest

With the azaleas’ have come and gone

Like the day

With nightfall coming.

8 thoughts on “Evening”

      1. Far enough south there’s usually not any snow to speak of and close enough to the mountains that spring and winter are two separate seasons. Kinda like spring, summer, fall, cold fall. 😀

        1. Lol, there you go tempting me beyond all reason – rasslin’ a college girl at bedtime during a thunder storm! The dreams us us po’ rednecks are so easily preyed upon 😀

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