Did he, just get up to irriate us? I think so.

Just another day in paradise. NOT!

I had a really bad night sleeping weird nightmares.

I forgot about this dream, but I had it before. I have this small room which was our storage room for a long time. It’s connected to my bedroom and I have a door on it and another door that opens to go outside. Now this is my office.

In this dream it looked the same all except for the front door it was like rotten wood, it had holes where you could see outside and people could see inside the door and it was not solid. It gets weirder. I was in my office it and these two guys a blond hair and dark brown haired guy 18 or in their early teens were looking inside my door and talking to me wanting to me to come outside and talk to them. I said no way! I will stay inside and you can talk to me through this door. They were begging me to come out and shaking the door I even noticed the door was not on the jam correctly I am not sure how to explain it was off the jam and I was so worried those guys would know it and try to break in.

I remember in both dreams it was a warm summer day and very sunny outside. I had a top on with blue jean shorts.

I know after what seemed like a very long time, but it did I not guess they left and I looked for them in part of the splinted wood all I saw was a small black mouse eating on the ground. I wanted to open the door, but I didn’t. I was too smart and yes, very afraid too. Strange how you can dream about the same dreams over and over or forget and will reminded of them once again.

Has anyone else done this?

I had other dreams, but I don’t remember them.

I finally was in a peaceful sleep but my dad had to wake me up, are you ok? I wanted to check on you. He does this all the time, if he can’t or doesn’t sleep no one sleeps. That’s his moto.

I lay there, but I knew he would get up to see if I am sleeping and if I had to get up and the fur kids, moms boy dog Rod Chester and Dolly I named after Dolly Parton my girl dog LittleOne sleeps with mom. They were barking and jumping.

I got up, and said hi to mom and our kids. I fed the kids and I cleaned some I won’t get into details on that.

I asked what everyone wanted to eat mom said she already ate a blueberry bagel and dad wanted 5 eggs and ham I had so much trouble I got burnt with the oil and I was worried mom would get splattered by the oil and she was fine that didn’t happen. And mom was working with our food she decided to eat and she had a fried egg, bacon and toast. We talked.

Dad’s so-called friend, Patsy is in the hospital with a possible heart condition. Seems strange every time he gets around the ones he supposedly loves they become ill. Mom, may a heart condition herself, she needs to get checked out and I am sick with these stomach problems, headaches, etc. His friend Tony has high blood pressure, which he never had now Patsy with possible heart problems, maybe it has nothing to do with him but a very strange coincidence.

Most of the day has been pretty quiet.

He was mad I got his food and he was mad because I was sick when I made his food said I was not doing anyone any good doing this I said I was ok. I tried to explain I started feeling bad when I made his food I have no idea all he could do was complain, cuss and carry on.

The good part of my day was mom, my kids, feathered, finny kids and Sam my best friend. I spoke to him for a while and dad has been walking around and just asking questions, get me coffee and get me this and that. He needed his coffee, of course, I was in the bathroom he got mad about that. H his the angry man or madman!

That’s all for now folks.

I will write again tomorrow.

Thanks for your time and patients with me.

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