Chipping Away

Mike’s common sense

After posting one of my spiritual essays last week, I received a very lengthy and thought filled comment from one of my readers. The comment basically stated that my ideals are fine, but with the world in such a mess, that they were not feasible on a world wide basis. His premise was what good would good will, optimistic attitude, and good deeds have to do with the suffering in various parts of the world.

In truth, there is very little I or any other individual can do to alleviate the suffering in the world. What I do is try to teach spiritual lessons to those readers that are ready to learn them.

I am not trying to convert anyone from their religion, or coerce their way of thinking to meet my way. The lessons I teach are the lessons that soul has to master in order to graduate from this world.

By graduating I mean they no longer will have to reincarnate back after this lifetime unless they choose to do so, as a teacher, or way shower. Graduating also means they are no longer under the bend and sway of karma, for they are now true co-workers for God, and beyond karma.

There is another reason I write spiritual posts; I am hoping to help raise the consciousness level of all of humanity.

Bit by bit, I hope to chip away at the spiritual ignorance of mankind. I am not alone, there are many of us out there right now working to uplift mankind.

I have talked before about the collective conscious. This is something that each and everyone one of us is connected to, and that each and every one of us contributes to.

If you have ever heard of the 100th monkey syndrome it talks about how a whole population of monkeys learned a new behavior instantly, after the 100th monkey had learned it. It seems that 100 was the critical number to uplift the whole population through their collective conscious.

There are now about 6 billion people living on this planet; I don’t know what the critical number of people would be to uplift the whole population, but I and others like me are chipping away at that number by teaching those that are ready. Then hopefully they will teach others about the power of love, and the freedom of soul.

Chip, chip, we are working to teach, and up lift all. Want to help?

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