I saw you in the distance and I knew you were the one. We had met before, but only in the hallway of our building. Your presence spoke louder than word, your hair, long and full, swept gracefully in the wind and your stride was confident and strong.

I wondered if you would notice me today or if you would even care to.

Life had brought us here, our paths crossing in some cosmic alignment of perfection. At least, that is what I thought.

You came closer…My heart raced. Our eyes locked and we smiled, blushing simultaneously.

Your gracefulness assaulted my senses like frankincense on the dewy cedars of Lebanon. It was as unique as an undiscovered flower on the dusty plains of no-mans land.

I gasped!

I had known you for a while now, my place across from yours and we had spoken before, nothing to serious. Oftentimes I could here him…hurting you and your cries were the ashes on my sackcloth. I wanted to save you, but I didn’t know if you wanted a savior, because you always let him back in, my heart aching.

I would close my eyes and see a monster breaking the wings off of a gentle dove when I heard your screams. I could see the bruised face of an innocent child that was helpless to his tormenter. I could see a raging forest fire consuming the brilliance and beauty of the land in an unrelenting mission of destruction. I could see you… My countenance fallen.

I will never forget the knock on my door as long as there is breath in my being. It was the tender knock of a wounded bird, a broken spirit. I can still hear it and when I close my eyes, I can see you.

I opened the door and there you stood, hair disheveled with a tear stained face. I thought of how beautiful you were and how anyone could ever bring you pain, for your beauty was never made again.

You locked your arms around me tight, like a fear ravaged child in the boogie-man land of terror. You then collapsed in my arms like a wilting willow at the gates of hell.

I moved you to the couch and wiped away your tear stained face and I thought of your smile, one that I had so rarely seen; a smile that reminded me of a sea of henna blooms in the vineyards of En Gedi. I cried.

You awoke, you smiled. My heart swelled and the feeling inside me was like fireflies and warm honey. I had never felt anything like it.

You pulled me in close, our eyes locked in eternity, penetrating deep within our souls. We kissed.

My eyes closed and our tongues slid together effortlessly, swirling together like a silken cloth, your taste like warm honeysuckle with a potion of mandrakes.

Our clothes fell off like a silk tapestry on stainless steel and my muscles contracted in anticipation of the moment.

Our bodies became one as we lay in bed, my mind spinning as a dream lay before me, wanting me with hot desire. I kissed your entire body gently with the tenderness of experience, saving my best for last.

I made my way to your inner thighs, the sexual tension building in a fevering pitch. We moved gracefully, methodically; the musty pheromones scenting the room in ecstasy. Our bodies moved together like the perfect mixture of love and acceptance, my tongue now tasting your sugar walls. My mind raced and I felt a feeling of unimaginable pleasure. It was like everything I had ever experienced that was good in my life flashing before my minds eye, your flavor surpassing it.

Your body writhed up and down as my tongue moved like a viper inside of your velvet folds. You breathed heavy coupled with a woman’s whispering moans that made me want you more. You trembled and I could taste your juices, flowing like the sweetest wine on the slow press of my deepest desire. I drank you in.

I moved up to you, now mingled in the perfume of love. Our eyes locked. I slid my rock hard cock slowly inside your heaven. Your hips moved in then up in unison, your head snapping back in a dramatic sigh of un mitigated pleasure. We became whole.

As I moved ever so carefully, making sure she knew that I cared, making sure she knew that she was safe in my embrace.

I made love to her like I never loved any woman ever. She felt so soft and warm as my love slid in and out. It felt like being clothed in the fragrance of righteousness and as if we knew each other better than we knew ourselves, our eyes meeting once again igniting the flames of passion, a passion that could not be extinguished. Together we climaxed, an explosion of pent up pleasure released once and for all… We kissed.

Exhausted we lay, trembling with the aftershocks of delight.

In silence I reach for her hand. I held it. I pulled her close. I look deep into her eyes as we drifted off to the Cedars of Lebanon. We slept in peace.

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