Cause of Hysteria ( My Story)

I have been asked a lot of time what hysteria I have from getting married. Today I am disclosing the secret of my hysteria.
In Past I attempted affairs but I was biased as compared to my brothers. The people I used to fancy used to bias me and fancy any of my brothers. It is reality a perception developed in me that perhaps I am worthless and good for nothing. I can’t support a family it is the only reason women bias me and fancy my brothers.
When my elder brother used to count those fellows that he perceived liking me. They used to like him and bias me. But he never realized it.
My heart was broken again and again with such bias. Women bias caused in me attitude of choice rather than compelling a women towards me.
Once I wrote a story in such a grief where I mentioned sex desire of women as apple of discord and I wanted to eat it up. Don’t be scared. It was just innocence I was mentioning getting hot boobs of a women showing artificial lust actually redirecting it to my siblings.
Well It was just an innocent thinking that women get hotter just to betray and compel my siblings. Today is the same situation.
It is quoted as to feed emotional boobs and allow those suckers that measure up to the standards set by these…as I am not a sucker.
Sometimes I thought as I does nothing that’s the reason of such bias. Reality is I was not entitled properties so that I may survive and women gets security in desiring me. That is still cause of that bias.
I had excessive quantity of sperms and it is still for sure the reproduction and healthy reproduction was possible from me of generation of my father. It was something that was targeted.
But believe me lack of wealth and support from emphatic well wishers remained still the bone of contention.
Today my reputation is of a special dependent human being. But I have a question and many questions…Did I used to be like that as well?
When I had prospect future why I was immorally biased
What avenges I faced when even I was 5 years old and even my values were not specified to me what sins The Lord had started recording

Who manipulated my wrong information until obstinately I was destined to a terrific end

Why I was blocked to peacefully fly to a feasible place
What threats they had from me until The Lord made these presumptions a reality

Who bullied my younger brother to take such idiot actions against me

I am still not hundred percent educated from women reproductive cycle such as what menstruation is why women use Pads Why breasts size enlarge and small ..

But Now actually I am fully educated what adolescence is and I am Adult still…..

What condition directed me to imaginations and dream world and why made me daydreamer who shattered my dreams and made them castle of sand
Who abused my hormonal desire and broke my heart into pieces again and again

So much achievements still monetarily struggling can’t been able to cash in any of his achievement that he delivered

Never esteemed for what he actually worth or he is
Why there is difference between actual self and perceived reality

Does a special reproduce same genes….It’s not genetic?
Every pondering person is Mad….or they define geniuses a madness as well
Why they feed psychological patients drugs………….doesn’t to impede their brain
They have no mechanism of defining psychological issues in medical language.
Does Technology lack potential of make specials lucrative for society family and country?
If this is due to weak sperms or development in womb disorder …The child is it culprit. ?

Why is he deprived of reproduction rights…?
Why such large number of transgender exist in society when actually they are born with a sex.
Are they controlling population by creating a third gender in the society?
Well I hope the world will give better reply of these inquires.

I feared how I will support my family where people perceive he will reproduce same mad children where everyone know sperms brings normal child in world.Madness is not genetic. It’s growth problem and It’s callousness of avenging minds.Obviously The development still takes place such as intellectual development in a nutshell known as Frog of well
I was afraid and concerned about the survival of my children and apathy that my spouse is going to practically face at some point in time I thought I am totally incompetent to live and just suicided when I knew This state will never support my children monetarily till their university Qualification completion take place…I took up these practical issues and faced rebuke fake fabrication humiliation bias and psychological manipulation to obviously get rid of me…God Just lead them astray in their obstinacy..They Just experienced a Convex error …

My younger brother term my symptoms as a mindset..but I have been living with such perceptiveness for more than 18 years and seem like a mad loitering Dog to observers miserly always lead to deviation.These are those symptoms with which I had been left to ruthless hands of time and after repudiation surely will perish…well This would be last nail in the cascade….i tried my level best to culture an environment where I can survive although in every inferring developed mind…but not from I can’t escape because I bullied a society perhaps to receive Ashes….

Well I hope this constructive Critical Analysis will not be minded as it’s undressing the social evils that claim their purity and righteousness….
I have only one answer it’s just superiority complex and nothing.

2006 Latest Instance was a woman that i interacted and might have mentioned in a presumptuous post haste fancied my elder brother got his cell No and called him saying “How are you doing darling what’s up and the way she used to humiliate my sentiments “Cut the Crap You are sick fuck off”  I know very well this chatting addiction came in me from big b but believe me the one he loved left her because he did not gathered property or Gold out of his income while my younger brother has much greater luck his fiance is paying all the expenses and requirements of their marriage but to tell the truth I am still so far unmarried and problem is my  dementia and gradually my memorisation is decreasing When I set out on travel it seem a handsome human Old Chimpanzee is being carried on cage….Well I should realize now I am mentally in very critical condition but for being lucky like my younger brother I should have sound mind like him…I even believe there is an artificial soul in me because I tried my level best to depart rather than living in worst than brain cancer mind and young age dementia…..

and how presumptuous I had gone…Big B was eligible for her to be fancied….And The one that left me just she knew I am childlike and childish I became oh bro from dear darling …but actually she was coerced to married away she tried her level best to make it happen but customs denied to set such example..This badly injured my sentiments and the one that kept on inquiring what’s that secret of your heart and I can’t propose …but on the day of her marriage it was too late to amend and without having wings to fly overseas castle of sand finally dissolved in land….That’s stupor of my hysteria and my sinful presumptions lead me astray and troubled my near ones and supporters….
You can believe that the one that got immature for me. And I biased for the Miss’ Cut the Crap’ and the one that just plainly ignored my elder bro with simple words ‘She is not interested’ but actually Wanted me to come in there.
This all was because it was just spinning the mind and not practically involving in…I was although mobilizing it but unknowingly I was the source of mobilization.
Obviously I never understood my intellectual growth is taking place but it’s chained in a mind on artificial intelligence.
Obviously my geniuses will blow worlds minds when they will realise people here still perceive not or they had deliberative obstinacy against true perception to their objective radicalism of ancestral prophecy being firm status quo.

Whatever if I did cyberbullying But I remained as easy as a catch but nobody caught it I provided open opportunity to catch me and I am not willing to give a bring in my life every betrayal but someone who will be my eyes and is enough independent to not to beg after me That will never feel me embarrassed for normal merman functionality…I have been looking for a mermaid and obviously not every women is going to live in this heaven but the one accepting me for what I am..

Nodoubt I have been demoralized from many obstinate people but There is a clear message for them I have realied how quicker my curse torments inflicting soul towards me …and what way my opponents collapse …from the experiences what mockers faced or destined in past ..
In extreme grief My sufferings abuses involuntarily …
Its reality out of this state any women is ready but Avengers have blocked every feasibility by going against God…They are not fighting me but with my eternal refuge..
Dream intuition doesn’t matter Women dying Women filthily naked doesn’t matter revealations showers of mercy are magic Disaters are to make risk management plans but only thing that matter is their willingness Their obstination and finding every fault that they can bow with poisoning arrows as propagated defamations to not to accept me and their obstination to destroy me..

As nobody is willing I am unmmarried aging 32 where beard and hairs are totally white and no need to find further fault as I am perfectly Imperfect….obstinate Women will be deeply in trouble with their sucking boobs in next life….but conversely speaking only obstinate women and I am biased against them I confess..
People with any Sort of mental ailment are not married here because Government does not support their Children like Great Britains and women can’t keep up pace with them because they think straight and God lives in their heart But here they are interacted apathetically and treated like baggers socially.And mongered as Madmen.It took me 32 years to know this and I was right I had to fly

I have a strange feel in any kind of in contact My body feels pinning spikes that proactively clinch my dare as This is a warn don’t dare this but when dared these spikes multiply in my body to pin me at once punishing me for what went wrong This feel had never let me have fun perhaps it was unable to find legal way to give vent to the feel..

This never made me addict of Soft women tissues because I was never brought in prostitution or legal contract marriages

I know Because was by nature Women loving by practice women biased because I lacked Wealth to pay to spent time

And This feel kept me away with spikes torturing in my entire body

My mom termed it ‘Kandery’
I inherited this feel from her “spikes in one’s body

Women of authority should not bias a rightly guided person that she obstinate because she can’t keep up with him and he get debris on him just to ill smell but not sex her she will manipulate him and his sympathizers will be killed or prone to risk including Rightly guided women..

How I will provide her bread when I don’t have anything to eat Economic crisis despite of to be paid rendered services and being robbed of his possessions and income no entitled jewels and properties Were main cause of Being rejected for marriages in this state where only solution was to uproot a superman….Women reject me because she don’t accept my palsy and I am rejected being considered as toddler or chimpanzee although it is palsy.

Here The marriages are made so unattractive for common people that they reproduce and leave children alone to face the practical life Marriages here is not name of sex marriages are name of responsibility they are required to support their family but those lunatics that can’t support themselves how they will support entire family.

The major hurdle in my marriage and job survival remained my mental condition. Whenever a women hears about me that she has a proposal from my family she first informs her he is a senseless person and he is mentally sick. I am aging and I am not getting a social approval or acceptance to live If my body language and random eye contacts are criticized There had been no greater virtue than marrying me…

but My potential opponents and critics are more than my well wishers in this state…The thinking that is proven unique and valid here in this state it is known as schizophrenia while its Intuition in actual..

I have not been only targeted but approached physically to families where my proposals knocked at My workspace and society has been poisoned. Firm reputation has been built Although white and black skins did not minded my yellow and white skin but here brown skin totally rejected me ….

Only reason they blocked my survival God did not let them progress just because of their obstinacy…

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