Buck up America! We will get through this epidemic despite TRUMP!

Just listen to and follow the health expert directives.  Believe that the science and health professionals and workers will get us through this.

I guess I will have to take my share of blame for what we have become such a society  —  We have become a society of self-fulfillment, autonomy, and privacy as ideals.  While I was born pre boomer era, I was raised during it and probably spoiled my kids as well.

And these habits do not bode well for the present situation. The cases of the virus grow everyday.  And what does the Trump administration do?  Make promises.  If Trump would have listened to his intelligence department warnings of the virus in January and February and acted then as he is now since March 1, we would be much better off.

Thanks to Chip Bok Copyright 2020 Creators Syndicate for an accurate report card.

And please keep this in the back of your mind – it could still happen here!

“People may think of authoritarian nations in cold war terms, as states with bombastic leaders who grant themselves extravagant titles and weigh their chests with meaningless medals. These are nations without legistures, without courts, with populations cowed by armies of secret police. This is not how many authoritarian nations work today. Most have elections, legislatures, courts; they possess all the trappings of democracy. But the democratic institutions that authoritarian nations retain have little power to check the executive, either because they are under regime control or because they are cowed or co-opted into submission.”  — Adam Serwer

Have a nice day – at home and alone.

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