Bloggers are an obsessive sort, we set out to find a place to release our creative flow or vent our frustrations to an unseen audience. A true blogger will stare at the screen when it goes blank because of a bug or sluggish load up waiting for the moment to read or proceed with their thoughts. All we need is a platform to frame our thoughts build our friendships.

We are not daunted by the ever-present spam or that special moment when the internet highway ate your post just as you are about to click the button to publish. Cries ring out words of a sailor spew but we dig in and vent out what our grievances are,  but ever so hopeful that the time used for blogging will fulfill the obsession.

In my world this morning I am grateful for my cup of coffee and the fact that it is finally raining. Blog on Bloggers, proceed with your obsession I know I will.

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