I have worked/volunteered with non-profits before, and worked with a company that ran itself as a non-profit but was in title a LLC. But this one . . . this one takes the cake.
I am not going to name it, as the company itself really is doing great work that I do believe needs to happen, but the more I know – which is still very little – about the financial situation here, the more I wish I had done some research into this company before I started working here. I do see why people say that transparency is a thing companies should have, but I also see why transparency is something they would struggle with. In companies like this, everyone is so segmented, everyone does their own task, and there is always one – or at least one – person who deals with the money aspects. So why would they tell everyone else what their day-to-day is like?
The people here who deal with the money, they are trying to include us in as much as they can, I don’t believe they are trying to fleece us. I’m still upset though. It’s not their fault, and I know everyone is curious as to how the information in the email sent out is going to affect us individually and as a whole, but I’m sick, I was looking forward to not being in the office tomorrow, and all in all, I am so very glad I’m leaving in July.
It’s been a learning experience and it will be a great stepping stone to what I want to do. And working with the kids has been awesome. It’s just the office work that is getting me down, and this is week 2 of just being in the office and not being able to go out to the schools. That, and being sick, and this new info, has just made this a wonderful start to the work day . . .

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  1. So you didn’t really give us ALL of the info as to why you were so disappointed. BUT….this little pit stop in life can’t be so bad since you seem to be gaining experience? AND with a planned end date you seem to be following a plan which is always nice to have.

    1. So essentially the CEO sent out an email basically saying all expenses are going to be looked at very closely from now on to see if they are truly necessary, etc. One of those expenses was going to be a trip to a different county for three of the staff members – one of which was me – to see how our corresponding office was doing things since they’ve had such success and we haven’t. I was really looking forward to not being in the office most of the day since I feel very unproductive right now being in the office for two straight weeks. But I also understand that the mileage and us all being out would not necessarily be cost effective. There was also something brought up a week or two ago about some past money mis-management in the higher ups of the company and it made me realize how little I knew of this place before I decided to work here. But on the flip side, it’s been a learning experience and once I leave here, I will always recommend this company due to the great work they are doing. It . . . just wasn’t the news I was hoping to get that morning.

      1. Bummer! Always a few bad apples ruining it for the rest.

        I think they should look at the fact that they may spend a little money to send you 3 to the other office for a day. But in the long run they would make it back and some with you three implementing what you learned from their success at your location.

        Soak up all you can……good and bad….because we learn from it all.
        Hope that made sense 😉

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