I’m not sure who is here from old thoughts. But for those who won’t have access to this information, badlydrawnstickman has sadly passed away.

I’m hoping some of his friends see this or can tell them as i have no way to reach anyone. I just wanted to let those of you who were still in contact that he is no longer with us. πŸ’”

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  1. Hi littlespirit,

    Thank you for sharing the info about badly drawn Stickman. I’m sorry to here of his passing. I’m also curious about the continuing adventures of you and your dog…

    It’s good to hear from you my friend <3


    1. It’s always nice to hear from a friend. The adventures of me and my pooch have sadly ended as well. I moved far away and couldn’t take her. But, I was able to take my cat with me lol
      Thank you for the message. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.. I hope you have been keeping well. <3

  2. I am shocked. . .stunned, and deeply saddened by this news.
    I met BDS when Thoughts began and we got on really well and inevitably we became really good friends. We lost contact when he moved to California but I still followed his site from time to time even if he didn’t update it.

    How? Why? Was he ill?

    1. He was going through a lot, no sickness. It was an unfortunate accident.
      I was just as shocked and heartbroken when I found out. He always kept to himself, but like you I knew him from the beginning of thoughts and he became family.
      He was the best person i’ve known, and one of the most intelligent. I always loved his stories. I’m sorry that I had to break the news online this way. I just have no idea how to contact any of his online friends…

      1. Thanks for the explanation.

        Getting in touch with his old friends from Thoughts will be problematic at best – he was very private and besides that, when Thoughts came to an end, a lot of friends and community members also came to an end. People moved on and did other things: joined other blog sites or gave them up altogether.

        1. Thinking about it. For those who use Twitter (I don’t and never have), maybe they could start a tweet #friends of badlydrawnstickman, or something like that. I’m sure that someone who knew him will see it and respond. The word may then spread.

          1. There are two people I can remember from Thoughts who knew him well. One has migrated over here and her name is Greunie. I don’t know how active she is or if she’ll see this post the next time she logs in?
            The other person is from the old writing circle/group, and her name is Circe. As far as I am aware she is not here at Thinkr so she will be hard to track down, but she might already know?

      2. Perhaps not as close as many where ? But “Sticky” < as I use to call him were good friends.
        He kept me laughing and on edge with his brilliance and way of just getting down` " wit"“ it,
        He treated me so kind and the news hits me and sent an echo of time gone past. I appreciate your sharing his passing- I am going to spend sometime just thinking and being GLAD that I had the chance in meeting "Sticky" on the old thoughts.
        May You be at Peace.. !
        Thank You Sticky —

          1. Yes he was – and to me he was kind and shared the most beautiful thoughts. His sense of humor was out of this world. Thank You again for letting other who knew him on the old ” thoughts” too. I tried to follow others to other sites – And honestly got lost of this new ” blog site”. A Shout Out to the badlydrawn stickman. Thanks ” Sticky” and thank you ” Littlespirit ”
            Love never dies !

  3. Well, I haven’t been popsiclized on the frozen tundra of the great white north 😁
    More like sweltering in the ongoing 90+ degree heat we call summer in the deep south. 😨
    Still working endless hours, writing and painting some too. So which part of the world are you blessing with your presence now? 😊

    1. i’m so happy to hear you are still painting and writing. You must show me some of your work! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen some πŸ™‚
      Well i’m in British Columbia now. Mountains, the ocean. It’s my heaven..

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