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  • “Assured” is a good title for anyone who struggles with guilt and is unsure of their salvation in Jesus Christ. Around 150 pages, the title covers many issues, including:

    1. Understanding the sources of our salvation (we cannot earn salvation – it’s a free gift of God!).
    2. How sin affects our relationship with Jesus Christ.
    3. God’s promise…[Read more]

  • “The Power Of Preaching” by Tony Evans is a compact, short, and very good read on the essentials of preaching. Around 130 pages, the book addresses many issues on the topic, including:

    1. Definition of exegetical and the difference between preaching and teaching.
    2. Before preaching to others, preach and study for yourself first.
    3. The…[Read more]

  • Hi Ezwayz! I don’t think we will be waiting long Patriot.

  • Waiting for the MOAB to drop… 😁

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    “Church” is a compilation of A.W. Tozer writings on observations about the church he has noticed over his years of ministry. Written like only Tozer could, the book is around 160 pages, contains many great insights, and covers several topics, including:

    1. The futility of self-effort based on fallen human nature as opposed to relying on God’s…[Read more]

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    Ever feel like you need to rush to make a decision? Whether pressured by others or pressuring yourself to make quick decisions without praying and thinking, then “Sacred Pace” is a good read. Whether in business, ministry, home, etc., the principles in the book may apply to any situation.

    The author freely shares of his experiences (good and…[Read more]

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    My sister lived near Miami for a few years and I lived in Pensacola for a while…S. C. is warm enough with just a hint of winter without the insect swarms and killer skeeters 😉

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    Okay, here is where we stand politically. The D’s know that the two year Mueller investigation will amount to squat, and that they need to somehow cover their asses for past […]

  • Hi Ezwayz! Damn the skeeters! I hate snow and cold.

  • As writers we all share a common goal of telling a
    story. It is our awesome responsibility to communicate successfully to our
    readers information of all kinds.

    I strongly believe that the function of both […]

  • Allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment over
    the years, whether substantiated or not, have frequently been discussed amongst
    the community and the places we each call home. It affects virtually all […]

  • Not ready to be one of Satan’s minions, I’ll settle for the purgatory of a S. C. summer! 😉
    let me know if you ever make the pilgrimage to Dixie Monica! S. C. has been fine by me! 😁

    Been to Florida a few times […]

  • Good luck. At work we were just saying how SC might be the prime climate for retiring, even though I have a long way to go before I can retire lol.

  • Hi Monica! I have to tell you I don’t miss that winter s#it one bit! I am hoping to avoid the fire and brimstone. lol

  • We had -50 degrees here a few weeks back, honestly I didnt complain. Its Wisconsin. Fire and brimstone however I would not be a fan of either. There must be a happy medium somewhere right?

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    “It is [God] that sitteth upon the circle of the earth…” – Isaiah 40:22


    “According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle…even so shall ye make it.” – Exodus […]

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    “A Shift A Day For Your Best Year Yet” is a compilation of insights for changing your thinking and actions in a number of areas: relationships, work, health, leisure, technology, and many others. There are two brief readings per page, starting with a statement followed by a conclusion and/or result about the statement when applied to our lives.…[Read more]

  • Hi there guys, enjoy this great video:

    Hope you are having a great year

  • Mike’s Common Sense

    After living my entire life up in the frozen tundra of Western New York (with the exception of a two year stint at the University of Miami), I have spent the last sixteen years in the […]

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