Primary Source of My Autobiography

An Autobiography of a person living with sensory perception weakness and Palsy of motor life skills. Someone that can never live normal life again

Miraculous beating of heart

As a result of Anguished Reactions Two Sharp Blows servivor on brain resulting in
impaired short term memory and
Arithmetic functional impairment…
but normal intellectual growth and health having unique brain
Anorexia Nervosa Recoverer
Deliverer of valid intuitive thinking
Deep Depression Survivor
A Critical Analysis of My Life Journey…..
Human rights Advocate

Americans Disabilities Act 1990 ADA against Discrimination
Asperger Syndrome or Autism Mental Handicapped Human Being…

A Theologian and Plain Warner

A Successful person is the one that lays a firm foundation of skyscrapers with the stones that others fire at him.’ The Uwais quote

Thomas Edison of Today’s Age

I attempt thousand times to make one time attempt with perfection
I am not disabled I am differently abled

A Book That may activate my Provision
As God is best Provider and Best of The Nurture

Paid words….

Validity of my views show I can be discriminated but nobody can justify his bias towards me…
Only one to perceive world this way
Not Jew Not Christain But Believer of Abrahamic Religions….

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