A new beginning on Thinkr

It has been more than 10 years since I first started thoughts.com. Its now 2017 and its time for a new beginning with Thinkr. I am excited about the new wordpress blogging software powering thinkr! WordPress has established itself over the years as the most powerful and useful blogging software that exists. On thinkr our members now have access to all of the great features and customization settings made available by wordpress. I’m looking forward to reading your comments and feedback on how we can make Thinkr even better going forward. To all of my fellow thoughsters, thank you very much for making thoughts.com such an amazing community. I hope to see you here real soon 🙂 Welcome to all the new Thinkrs, you’ll find Thinkr.xyz to be a great place for self expression and creative writing.

11 thoughts on “A new beginning on Thinkr”

    1. Its a new site built from my lessons from thoughts.com. Same essence as thoughts but will be more stable with better tools for our members. Hope that you like it. Thanks for signing up Sandman!

  1. Hello!, It is a fresh start but with the wisdom that age brings. I like that there are also other sections, for example the forums seem very interesting, time will tell of course, though I am sure that this change will bring the thoughts of their members to a new level of communication between them and interaction in general.
    Thank you for this change. 🙂

  2. So far I’m not a fan. I just posted something and I can’t see it anywhere. Once I hit “enter” it showed me my post and I believed it to be complete. Did I just waste 15 minutes typing just to have it deleted? Where did it go? How do I find what I wrote?

      1. Yes, that’s it. I guess there’s going to be a steeper learning curve (for me) than I had anticipated. Thanks. Is there a tutorial of some kind available to showcase the site functionality and features?

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