7 thoughts on “A little SuperTramp”

  1. I have never heard this song before.
    What a conversation (lyrics)
    I am guilty of only liking Supertramps Chart topping songs “Goodbye Stranger” ” Take the long way home”…The Logical Song…etc

    My plan one day is to actually play full records of all of the top bands as far back as I can go. Imagine all of the unheard gems out there I have yet to hear……
    One day. 🙂

    1. I listened to entire albums,,, the radio use to play the best, yet ignored the least and middle, which to some would have been good songs too. b But the best part,,,, radio never got a chance to play the least and middle to death. I like their hits too very much so,,, but the not played sometimes are just as good as the hits.

      1. @smitty45

        Back in the day when you had to buy the album or cassette tape you were able to listen to every song.
        It was rare someone had an album with all hits.
        Today….these singers can make millions by releasing one song. And I don’t think many have the talent to produce a whole album.
        Oh wait…I forgot about the 45’s. I guess that was todays version of downloading one song.

        1. Don’t forget 8-track tapes too,, I use to listen to those also. Still have the piece of furniture from the early 1970’s, turntable, am/fm and 8-track player by Zenith. still works too.. That was back when they made stuff to last. lol

          1. @smitty45

            Oh my gosh….Zenith?
            I remember my dad getting a brand new Zenith TV when I was a little girl. It came with a remote control that only had up and down levers?. And when you pushed the lever it gave off a LOUD click.
            You still have that furniture? I couldn’t imagine. I wonder if the value of it is worth anything today.

  2. @Monica ,, Yes, I still have that piece of furniture. It’s so outdated I haven’t a clue if it were worth anything. As a kid, we never had a remote controlled TV,,, but what did have was a roof top antenna, and on top the TV a box with a dial,,, for fine tuning a station it was either turning the UHF collar around the channel dial, or turn the dial on the box atop the TV and the roof top antenna would turn to the degree selected… Old school.,, ya know? haha

    1. @smitty45

      YES I know old school.
      One year we moved from our modern house with cable tv in the suburbs to my Uncles house out in the middle of the mountains with NO CABLE. I remember visiting my cousins when they lived there and they had that box you mentioned. But when we moved into that house the box was broken so we had to walk outside to the back porch and turn the long antenna with our hands. At night we would do rock/paper/scissor to see who had to go out. On cold nights we would dread it so much. All for maybe 5 channels? And of those 5 …only 3 would come in ok. We were very humbled by that experience.
      We actually all talk about it from time to time and laugh. Crazy memories.

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