The Gypsy Returns: Introduction

Since I wasn’t a constant active member on Thoughts and never saw that it was shutting down, I was surprised to find that my old blog was gone. This new site, however, gives me the chance to start from scratch again! I’ll try to be a little more active on this site. After all, the best practice for writing is writing! Looking forward to reading, commenting and sharing.

About The Blog:

The main subject will be regarding Empaths, what they are and the talents that come along with it. By no means am I a subject expert because I have only recently decided (about 5 years ago) to stop resisting this path. I am hoping that my experiences and research can help someone who will stumble across these posts. There will also be other posts that express opinions about recent events or controversial topics, maybe even the random work of fiction.

Here’s to a new blog and new adventures.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “The Gypsy Returns: Introduction”


    Glad you made the trip from Old Thoughts to Thinkr.
    I have an old blogging friend who lives in France who is a very strong empath. I think ill send her an email about this site and maybe she will join in on your post.

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