Hmm.. not sure about this title. Quite new on Thinkr.

Quite “New” on Thinkr blogs.

HI! I am “Stormy Moods” and why have I choosen this user name?

Hmmm. A good question. I guess I am moody because I have a lot of unsolved issues and feelings.

I have a lot of issues in my life and I am house arressted in a way you could say. Mom loves me were best friends and mom/daughter. I think dad does in his own warped way. I think he is a Narsarrist or border line personality.

I go out to stores and such but I do not have many friends. Only 1 good and close friend Sam who is 2,000 miles we speak on the phone daily, social media and email but I do not have friends I can go out with. Because I live in a very percuilar and odd situation I will get to later. I am very young and I made a lot of mistakes but my dad let me have friends he just wanted to isolate me so he can control mom and I.

I only need someone to listen to me, I am safe I have a good roof, clothes food etc. I am just very lonely. sad , confussed etc. No! I am not in any danger or harms way, I and mom are emotinally abused. I just need to talk and have others listen to me please, that’s all I want and need.

Thank you for your patients and time.

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