Winter Dreams

My spirit has loosed from winter’s grasp

And I feel a longing for spring

Though it hasn’t come as yet

There is a stirring in my soul

The confines of winter cannot still

Though the tide has yet to turn

And the days to grow longer

From the depth of chill wrapt nights

My spirit yearns

To feel the warmth of sun drenched skies

And know the waking breath of green

Air humming with life (though only the faintest quiver now)

As if all things were held in expectation

Of morning’s hard frosts turning to mist

And dew

Silvering the lawn ‘neath the bud of tree and bush

th (75)

I long for the scent of spring

Which whispers in winters waning

Of life and hope and love to be


Why so silent my waking dream

I know what your thinking

Your every move tells me everything I need to know

Without a word


If only imaginings could speak

You are the sum of so much more than dreams

Sometimes you just see someone and wonder

What do you desire

Does the scent of spring turn thoughts of you

To thoughts to “us”

Where you lie dreaming of one as I

Love whispers for your touch

Please me


For winter’s far too long and lonely cold



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