Update from the Upstate, of S. Carolina that is

So I live in upstate South Carolina about a thirty minute drive from Table Rock (below).

I’m about 4 hours from the coast. Which is a good thing this week. Seems S. Carolina and N. Carolina will be hit by hurricane Florence.

If we get the rain and wind they call for there will be flash flooding, localized flooding, mud slides, downed trees and power outages where I am. Much worse at the coast.

I’m stocked with food, water, and ammo…although I really doubt there will much if any looting this far inland. I’ll be fine but a lot of people stand to lose everything. The hotels are almost full up here and many of the coastal hospitals are sending patients to us.

Keep us in your prayers, things a fixin’ to get a little sideways here for a while.


6 thoughts on “Update from the Upstate, of S. Carolina that is”

  1. We do not have hurricanes yet, here in Greece that is.
    Trump cannot put sanctions on hurricanes I guess, but who knows, maybe your President can built a wall big enough to keep hurricanes out of there. I’ll pray for that. 🙂

    1. The Mediterranean is beautiful. I never made it to Greece but I enjoyed Spain, France and Italy. Perhaps a visit to Greece will happen in the future…

      As for acts of nature, they know no politics, and neighbors helping neighbors don’t ask about each other’s political affiliations before helping one another.

  2. The only reason I signed on before closing my eyes was to check on how things were goin with you and Florence 😉

    I was gonna be crazy and put something like…. EZways and Florence sitting in a tree…… but after the wine wore off I decided to be a bit more serious.

    Thanks for keeping us updated and be careful. No shooting yourself in the foot.

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