09/11/2001 Do You Remember Where You Were?

September 11, 2001 beginning some time after 8:45 am EDT, the first plane crashed into to the north tower of the World Trade Centers.  At 9:03 EDT, the second plane crashes into the south tower.  And so begins a day, none of which Americans of the modern era have experienced or even imagined.  All news media outlets began covering the incidents live and relaying information as it was coming available from government entities.

I remember all too well where I was when this all started.  Frankly, I was still asleep until my supervisor woke me with a telephone call.  The call was to turn on your tv, get dressed as fast as you can and come to work early.  I was already working as a 9-1-1 operator and even in our little community, people were beginning to panic.

I can remember listening to the first tower collapsing on the radio while I was hurrying to get to work… and crying uncontrollably for all the first responders I knew were still in the building.  Most of the initial calls we received were just asking if it was real… not a hoax like the decades before radio show “War of the Worlds”.  Then came the “what should we do?” calls.  I remember our Sheriff’s Office radios were really quiet that day.  None of our officers were out making traffic stops or arresting people on outstanding warrants… they just watched tv when they could and listened on their car radios at the horrors unfolding first in New York, then Washington, DC and ultimately in Pennsylvania.  We were watching and listening to the end of world as we knew it that day.

So today, I remember.  Today, again I’m praying for those that died that day, for those that survived the dead and all those still fighting the war against the Islamic terrorists that forever changed our world that day.  I continue to pray for the first responders still living with the effects of attempting to rescue those in harms way.  I continue to pray….

Do you remember what you were doing on 09/11/01?

8 thoughts on “09/11/2001 Do You Remember Where You Were?”

  1. I was off sick from work that day and the day before. I happened to turn on the TV as it was just starting to broadcast the news of all channels at the time and was shocked by witnessing the second plane hit the towers that morning as it was being broadcast.

  2. I was at home working in my daycare with 7 children. My younger brother A called to say it was the end of the world, that someone was bombing the US. They were flying planes into buildings. I turned on CNN, and watched in horror for the next few hours. I had to use a television in my daughter’s bedroom, so the children wouldn’t hear any of it. Sad, sad day that just got worse as the hours went on. Never again!

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